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Frequently asked questions

"Do I need a partner to join?"

You do NOT need a partner, to start dancing at our studio. Your instructor will be more than happy to be your partner durring your lesson.

In group we recommend that all students rotate partners. This method not only helps you to learn faster, it is also a great way to make new friends.

"...but i have two left feet!"

Nothing to worry about becasue we have a closet full of "right" feet.

Dance is the language of music. Just like any language, ANYONE can learn!

Our Instructors are trained to make the process of learning as simple as possible, catering to your specific needs.

"how young/old do i have to be to Start dance lessons?"

All ages are welcome to try, we found that the retention is better starting from 5 or older. We currently have students ranging from 5-100 y/o.

Don't let age hold you back form dancing with us. 

"How do i get stared?"

Simply contact us to set your first FREE session (group or private) and we will work out the time that works best for you. 

"What do I wear to my lesson or class?"

As for clothes and shoes you may wear what ever is comfortable to you (rubber sole tends to stick to the floor a little more). As your dancing progresses, it is recomended that you get your own ballroom shoes. 

"how long does it take to learn how to dance?"

There is no set time frame to "learn" how to dance. You will constantly see improvement  while dancing with us. After your first FREE lesson, you & your instructor will have a better idea of what it will take for you to reach your goal. 

"what if i am uncomfortable rotating partners at a group lesson?"

You are welcome to stay with just one partner during a class. Just make sure to confirm your pairing with the instructor.

We recommend rotating because it helps you learn faster and you might even meet your new best friend.

"Are competitions & performances mandatory?"

Nothing is mandatory. You may dance simply for your own pleasure.

We will make sure to structure your program to your specific wants and need. 

Health benefits of ballroom dancing


slows down the aging process of the brain, improving function

& aiding in the 

prevention of Dimentia

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