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Terms and Conditions

of Evoke Ballroom, LLC


Terms & conditions must be read & accepted by all students and parents/guardians before lesson can begin.

Cancellations and Refunds


   You may cancel your session up to 24 hours before the class begins and request to receive a full refund. If cancellation is made day of you will receive a credit to reschedule at a later date. Credit must be used within 90 days. If multiple cancellations are made with less than 24 hour notice you will be charged for your session without refund.                   

  By registering and paying for Evoke Ballroom classes, events, services, or products I hereby authorize Evoke Ballroom, LLC to charge my credit card or bank account in advance for all applicable fees incurred by me in connection with my chosen service and registration. I hereby understand and agree that a 3% fee will be added to the total services when using a credit or debit card & in most cases, Evoke Ballroom, LLC  will be charging my designated credit card or bank account in accordance with the payment schedule of the service for which I have registered, but some service fees may accumulate on my credit card account or bank account before they are actually charged to my account. I further understand and agree that it is my responsibility to notify  Evoke Ballroom, LLC of any changes to my credit card or bank account or if my credit card has expired otherwise my access to the Service may be discontinued or interrupted. All fees shall be paid in U.S. dollars.


I agree to make communication between myself and the instructors of Evoke Ballroom as open as possible by providing an phone number &/or e-mail address I know to be current. Furthermore, It is on me the student to reply to any message be it by phone or email in a timely manner. If the student has taken over 72 hrs to reply their session or anything scheduled may be moved or removed. 


All class choreography and materials is the sole property of Evoke Ballroom and may not be used for personal purposes outside of class unless written permission has been received from Jeffrey Rakowski and Evoke Ballroom.


I am a student or the parent or guardian of the student named (hereinafter “the Student”).  I understand that there are known dangers and/or risks associated with the Student’s participation in any of Evoke Ballroom LLC’s programs, including all practices, performances and activities associated with it.  In consideration of the Student being allowed to participate in the program, I hereby release Evoke Ballroom LLC,Jeffrey Rakowski, Nadiia Rudenko, and other representative, instructors, and/or volunteers from Evoke Ballroom LLC (hereinafter “Evoke Ballroom”) from all claims, damages, actions, lawsuits or judgments that I, the Student, the child’s heirs, executor of representative may have or hereafter have arising out of the Student’s participation in the program.  Further, I agree to defend and indemnify Evoke Ballroom Studio from all claims by any person or entity arising out of the Student’s participation in the program.


I, the Student, grant rights with permission to Evoke Ballroom, for the publishing of photographs or recordings of the Student for commercial, promotion, competition, or other purposes.                                  

Studio policies


DRESS THE PART -- EVOKE ballroom is a casual studio. Jeans and t-shirts are common but make sure you dress comfortable. We recommend that you change your shoes before dancing, but it is fine to wear your comfortable shoes from outside, just make sure to check that the soles are clean. Make sure your shoes have heel protection so your shoes and our floors stay shiny and undamaged. Don’t wear dangling or sharp edged jewelry, to keep you, your partners and teachers safe. Please, no cut off shirts ladies and gentlemen. Your partner will appreciate a dry experience while dancing with you. 


ACT APPROPRIATE -- Please arrive at least 5 min. before your scheduled session. Wait in the waiting area until your instructor comes to escort you on the floor. Other students are just as nervous as you so please hold back from watching other students/instructors during their lesson. Say ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ to your partners, and teachers. Be nice to other attendees so they also have a blast at our lessons. We all would appreciate a safe environment around our studio. Please refrain from talking while your instructor or other dancers are speaking. Don't slouch or sit down during a lesson unless told or allowed to do so. Be aware of negative body language (like folded arms). 


FOOD -- Be careful chewing gum while on a lesson, it is a choking hazard. To keep our studio as clean as possible don’t bring snacks or food inside. Ants and fruit flies are attracted and there is no cleaning staff, so think of your amazing teacher who will have to clean it up.Water is available if needed. Please pick up any trash left by you or other dancers, we appreciate that.


ENVIRONMENT -- Be organized. Leave your clothes and belongings in the boxes provided for storage. (New comers your instructor will show you where that is) Don't leave your shoes in the way of others and put them away. Hang your coat or sweater, don't leave it lying on the chairs or benches. Your phone should be silenced or left on do not disturb mode so you don't disturb the learning environment. If you come late, come in quietly. Don’t leave in the middle of class unless discussed with instructor the reason. If you have an emergency that requires immediate exit proceed to do so, do not stall and make a mess. Don't record or photograph without permission. 


RESPECT -- Respect personal space of others. Don’t correct anyone, it’s the teachers job. If you find that you have too many questions, keep them until the end of class. Applaud the demonstrators &/or at the end of class . If the session is too hard, be respectful toward your instructor and other dancers, quietly stop and let your instructor quietly know, without disturbing the learning environment. Choreography &/or patterns your instructor is teaching you is done with you in mind. If anything is not to your liking don’t hesitate to bring it to your instructors attention as soon as possible and Be Polite.


PARENTS -- We understand that you might be worried for your child, or curious of what we are doing with them in class. But be aware that you being there during the lesson disturbs your child's attention, and not only your child’s. For the first couple classes you may stay to watch in the waiting area, but later on we advise that you drop your child off and wait in the car, or go do what your heart desires and come back to pick your precious darling after the end of class. 




   This Release and Waiver of Liability (the “Release”) executed on the day of purchased lessons by (“Participant”) is in favor of Evoke Ballroom, LLC, a Michigan Limited Liability Company, and its respective officers, members, managers, employees and agents (collectively, “Evoke”).


   Participant desires to receive dancing instruction from Evoke. Participant understands

and acknowledges that it has voluntarily chosen to receive dancing instruction from Evoke and that participation in the same could subject Participant to the possibility of physical injury (which could be minimal, serious, and/or result in death) and loss of or damage to property (collectively, the (“Risks”). Accordingly, Participant agrees as follows:


   Participant recognizes the physical exertion associated with the dancing instruction

received from Evoke and attests and certifies that Participant is physically fit to participate safely, and has not been advised otherwise by a health care professional.

   Participant understands and acknowledges that partner dancing involves close and

frequent contact with dancing partners. Evoke takes care to prevent and promptly correct any unwelcome behavior, and to that end, Participant agrees to bring any unwelcomed contact or other behavior to the attention of Participant’s instructor immediately.


   Participant knowingly and freely agrees to assume all risks, both known and unknown,

associated with the receipt of dancing instruction from Evoke.

   Participant hereby releases and holds harmless Evoke from any claim, demand, loss,

liability, damages, and attorney fees and costs whatsoever arising from, related to, or resulting from the Risks, including those caused by the negligent acts or omissions of Evoke.


   As between Participant and Evoke, Participant will be solely responsible for any and all medical and related bills that Participant may incur because of any injury, as well as costs related to loss or damage to my property, that Participant may sustain as a result of participation in the dancing instruction provided by Evoke, including those sustained on Evoke’s premises where the dancing instruction is received and while Participant is traveling to and from such premises, regardless of the location or mode of transportation.


   This Agreement shall be binding on Participant’s estate, heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assigns, as well as any other party asserting any claim on Participant’s behalf or on behalf of my estate and against Evoke.

   Participant expressly agrees that: (1) this Agreement shall be governed and construed

according to the laws of the state of Michigan without regard to its conflict of laws provisions, and (2) any action or proceeding concerning any claim or the meaning or effect of any provision of this Agreement shall be conducted only in the state and federal courts having jurisdiction in Oakland County, Michigan, and that for such purposes, I expressly submit to the jurisdiction of such courts.


   This Agreement contains the entire understanding between and among the parties

concerning these matters. No waiver, modification, or amendment of any of the terms of this Agreement shall be effective unless made in writing and signed by the party to be charged.


   Participant hereby expressly agrees that if any portion of this Agreement is held invalid,the balance of the Agreement shall nonetheless continue in full legal force and effect.





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