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Intro Lesson


The free intro lesson is meant to  give you a crash course in the basics of partner dancing. To meet your instructor, get to know them, and help them get to know you. You also will fill out a waiver form, and let us know what yours goals are in dance. Whether you are coming with two left feet or you have cut a rug for years. We'll get you moving, laughing and learning a new &/or improved skill. All the while improving your mental & physical health. So, don't hesitate and BOOK TODAY!

Private Lessons

45 min:     $80/session
60 min:     $100/session

60 min:    $60/session *additional costs may apply depending on distance. For In-Home sessions*

Private lessons include personalized  time made just for your interests and goals, to help you evolve as a dancer. Your instructor will make sure you improve with every visit and just simply have a great time.

Wedding Dance Packages

Staring at $300.00
 [call for details]

For some of you, your wedding is the most special day of your lives. Our studio is here to help you make it even more magical with the first dance of  your dreams. The packages will include; intro session, 2+ sessions, choreography, music editing and a USB with pictures and videos of your practices. Contact us today to get started on this special gift that will wow your guests!

Special Event

30 min:     $70/session

60 min:     $130/session

Do you have a corporate dinner, charity event, birthday party?  Looking for some unique entertainment or a little group instruction to get the party started.Well Evoke Ballroom and  our instructors are always there to help you enhance your event with dance. Making any event memorable and fun for all your guests. 

Private Group Classes

60 min: $160 up to10 people
 $10 each additional person
Discount available if attending private lessons 

We all need a way to express ourselves. We may need a little help socializing. An exciting way to bring friends, family and/or coworkers together. Our studio is here to help you enjoy a class that will grant all... new life skills, improved mental and physical health and so much more. Partner dancing is great way to bring people together & show there is a lot fun to be had outside of a phone/tablet. 



Drop In:               $15

Package of 5+:     $10

Attending Private:  $5

We all just need a day once in a while where you can put on a nice outfit . To enjoy a night dancing, socializing and forgetting what life tries to throw at us. We offer one just like it.

On the scheduled day, starting at 8 PM. Music will be played to cover many different styles of social dances. Allowing you to practice the dance skills you've been working so hard on in the comforts of your studio. An instructor will be in attendance, available for dances and to help you with any questions. To Find out when this magical night takes place.


Show Dance/Competition 

Prices will vary

Ever dream to perform on stage? or have that competitive drive? Let us help you make your dreams come true and show off your new skills on the dance floor. No matter if you're new or have performed before. Here at Evoke Ballroom we can get you comfortable & confident to rock the floor at any skill level.  We will work on choreography and technique during our session. At this point we have 2 performances a year. We attend local and out of state events.

Gift Certificate

Prices will vary

Were you searching for the perfect gift...well you found it! We promise this gift will bring a lot of joy to your loved ones. Learning a practical skill and improving your health, what can be better?



get your

personalized Jacket

* A 3% fee will be added with any lesson, service or item purchased with a card *
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